Loving the God of Jesus

Soul training: like meditation, prayer, solitude; help us learn to know and love the God Jesus knew.

What we believe, really believe, determines our spiritual growth. It’s important that we believe in the God Jesus believed in if we want to be like him. Meditation, prayer, solitude, are some of the soul training exercises that help us learn to know and love the God Jesus knew.

Silence and Awareness of Creation: God is Good

Every week we encounter disturbing events. Difficulties lead to questions. Why isn’t the world a better place? Who is responsible for the way things are? Yet the problems and brokenness we see in the world around us can make believing God is good difficult. In the passage of the healing of the blind man, Jesus shows us that the Father has a purpose in everything. The spiritual discipline of silence helps us to hear what God is saying. The spiritual discipline of awareness helps us see what God is doing.

Sermon and Study Guide